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A robust, smart society grid with reliability and security at the core.

Nordic IoT Networks (Niot) has been founded to provide rapid LoRa network coverage in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to meet the increasing customer demand for IoT connectivity fueled by the growing number of IoT projects and sensors deployed.

Niot will build and operate a LoRa network but also cooperate with other network operators to consolidate and extend the network coverage. All network access will however be provided by partners.


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Nordic IoT Networks is an operator of the LoRa IoT network in the nordic region. Through our partners we can help your company get connected to the growing network of sensors all over the Nordic region. Take advantage of this new groundbreaking technology and get started with your project today.

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Network Coverage Map

Phase one of the LoRA network roll out is already in progress and will provide coverage in the regions of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe/Lund and Uppsala. Subsequent phases will provide coverage across Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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